Pink Sketchbook I

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I’ve been trying to keep this sketchbook as a kind of diary, some life drawings of my classmates and doodles of my daily life, drawings of books I’m reading and things I’m currently interesed in. The mediums used are pencils, brush pens, crayons, willow charcoal, pens, acrylic paint and watercolor. Some drawings are concepts of a short film idea.

I’m kind of stressed because I constantly want to improve and improve so next year I’ll see if I’m able to apply to CalArts Character Animation program. I am reading Richard William’s The Animators Survival Kit (which is amazing and inspiring). His emphasis in knowing anatomy is absolutely justified and is what I must improve the most. Also my level of English is stressing me, I must do a TOEFL test and get a score of 80 to get into the program. Also there’s the fact that there aren’t any life drawing lessons here so it’ll be hard to find any nude models.

Thanks for watching! Any comments are welcome.


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